February 06, 2016

You Put What In My Mouth?

A documentary about dental mercury fillings.

You Put What In My Mouth? is a powerful documentary that explores the dangers of dental mercury fillings, otherwise known as “silver” amalgam fillings. We showcase both sides of this issue so you can determine your own truth about the potential hazards of dental mercury fillings.

After watching the film, many people want to find out where to get their mercury dental fillings safely removed, how to get their mercury levels tested and how to detox mercury. Check out our RESOURCE section for more information.

You Put What In My Mouth?

Examining the link between Alzheimer’s disease and mercury.

This documentary came to realization when, ®andall™, the films creator received news that his father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. ®andall™ immediately set out on a personal journey to find the cause for what might be contributing to this devastating illness. While scouring the scientific literature, a connection was found. There were numerous studies indicating mercury (a known neurotoxin) was a causal factor in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease… and the largest source of mercury in the general population had been repeatedly shown to come from dental mercury fillings. After discovering this information ®andall™ set about making a documentary on the hazards of dental mercury fillings to patients, staff and the global environment.

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IABDM Mercury Safe Dentists

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You Put What In My Mouth?

Theatrical release and online availability October 2015.

We will be premiering You Put What In My Mouth? to audiences at major film festivals across the USA during 2015 with a week-long theatrical release in NY and LA this coming October. The film will be available through online film distribution outlets by the end of 2015. We hope you will join us in exploring the many truths of this issue together and that you will share this important documentary with those you know. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback