March 27, 2015

You Put What In My Mouth ?






A documentary about dental mercury fillings.

You Put What In My Mouth? is a powerful documentary that explores the dangers of dental mercury fillings, otherwise known as “silver” amalgam fillings. This documentary will take viewers on a daring exploration of personal journeys and experiences with professionals from all sides of the dental mercury exposure debate. We showcase both sides of this issue so you can determine your own truth about the potential hazards of dental mercury fillings.

News about film festival showings and our week-long theatrical release in NY and LA is coming soon !

Elemental mercury is one of the most toxic elements and it's implanted inches away from the brains of over 120 million Americans and they don't even know it.

Dentists are unaware that the level of mercury generated during routine dental procedures clearly exceed established occupational safety limits.

The film features emotional stories from dental staff and patients whose health has been negatively impacted from these elevated mercury exposures.

Dental mercury accounts for roughly 10% (340 tons) of all man made mercury released into the global environment.

In 2010 a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease reviewed over 100 studies linking mercury to every aspect of Alzheimer's disease.

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The Characters

Boyd Haley PhD – CTI Science

Boyd was Chair and Professor of Chemistry / Biochemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky. Over the last two decades Boyd has lectured throughout the world and testified before Congressional committees regarding various aspects of mercury toxicity and neurological diseases.

You Put What In My Mouth ?


Examining the link between Alzheimer’s disease and mercury.

This documentary came to realization when, ®andall™, the films creator received news that his father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. ®andall™ immediately set out on a personal journey to find the cause for what might be contributing to this devastating illness. While scouring the scientific literature, a connection was found. There were numerous studies indicating mercury (a known neurotoxin) was a causal factor in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease… and the largest source of mercury in the general population had been repeatedly shown to come from dental mercury fillings. After discovering this information ®andall™ set about making a documentary on the hazards of dental mercury fillings to patients, staff and the global environment.

Mercury Safe Dentists

IABDM Mercury Safe Dentists

The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM) is a network of dentists, physicians and allied health professionals committed to integrating body, mind, spirit and mouth in caring for the whole person.

IAOMT Mercury Safe Dentists

The IAOMT has many mercury safe dentists with varying levels of proficiency. I would recommend that one search for an accredited IAOMT dentist as this shows the dentist has taken advance courses in protecting staff and patients from the toxic exposures of dental mercury.

You Put What In My Mouth ?


Online release date, Summer of 2015.

We will be premiering You Put What In My Mouth ? to audiences at major film festivals across the USA during the spring of 2015 with an intended release to major online outlets by Summer of 2015. We hope you will join us in exploring the many truths of this issue together and that you will share this important documentary with those you know. The trailer to our soon to be released film can be found below and there is a considerable amount of additional footage scattered through out this website. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback and If you’d like to offer a financial contribution to help support our many publicity goals (film festival attendance and promotion, theatrical run), we would be grateful to hear from you.